A holiday of the Kohen family

From right to left you can see my elder brother Sinto Kohen, Rofat Revah, husband of my sister Milka, and my father Beniamin Kohen (wearing a kippah). I don't remember who the man with the white shirt is, maybe he is my younger brother Miko Kohen. On the right are my mother Iafa Beniamin Kohen (first from right) and my sister Milka (third from right). I don't know who the others are. This picture was taken in 1955 in Tel Aviv.

My mother's name is Iafa Beniamin Kohen, nee Levi (1885 - 1973), and my father's name - Beniamin Shemtov Kohen (1877 - 1979). They were both born and raised in Samokov. My mother had primary education and my father - secondary high school education. He knew French, because his parents wanted him to go to study in France, which did not happen, because my father was the first born child and his duty was to stay and support the family, who was not very well-off. My father believed in communist ideas, but I did not remember if he was a member of the party or if he was involved in illegal party activities. In this sense my father was more of an idealist and communist in beliefs than an active party member. My mother was apolitical.

In our family we were four children: my eldest sister Milka Beniamin Revah (nee Kohen) was born on 13th April 1921 in Samokov; my elder brother Sinto Beniamin Kohen was born on 2nd January 1923 in Samokov and my younger brother Miko Beniamin Kohen was born on 26th June 1926, also in Samokov. We have always been best friends. I remember that my brother Sinto played a mouth the mouthorgan, and later - an accordion. My little brother Miko had inherited my father's talent and sang very well. I also played the violin when I was in high school. So, we made some merry concerts at home, in which everybody took part. Later my brother Sinto was studying medicine in Bulgaria and became a famous doctor. He has a son and a daughter, so at that moment they are in Israel with their children. To my great regret I don't know more about them. My sister Milka became a social worker in Israel (she had a university education in Bulgaria). She has two boys: Izak Rofat Revah [born in 1942] and Beniamin Rofat Revah [born in 1947]. Currently Izak lives in Canada. He works as an engineer there.