Sinto Kohen with his wife and with Rofat Revah

Sinto Kohen with his wife and with Rofat Revah

First on the right is Rofat Revah, husband of my sister Milka. On the left is my elder brother Sinto Kohen. Next to him is his wife (I cannot remember her name). This picture was taken in 1955 in Tel Aviv.

We were four children. My sister Milka Beniamin Revah (nee Kohen), born on 13th April 1921 in Samokov; my elder brother Sinto Beniamin Kohen. born on 2nd January 1923 in Samokov and my younger brother Miko Beniamin Kohen. born on 26th June 1926, also in Samokov. We have always been best friends.We spoke in Ladino to each other. Of course, since we had to go to a Bulgarian school and when we were among Bulgarians, we spoke Bulgarian and learned Bulgarian very well. So, we spoke Ladino and Bulgarian equally well, though our Bulgarian vocabulary was richer. My parents did not know Ivrit, though they both were very religious, observed kashrut on Pesach, fasted on [Yom] Kippur, celebrated erev Sabbath and all other high religious holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Chanukkah, Sukkot, Lag ba-Omer, Tu bi-Shevat, Simchat Torah.

My sister Milka became a social worker in Israel (she had a university education in Bulgaria) and my brother Sinto, who was studying medicine in Bulgaria became a famous doctor. They still live in Israel today and have good families, children and grandchildren. My sister has two boys: Izak Rofat Revah [born in 1942] and Beniamin Rofat Revah [born in 1947]. Currently Izak lives in Canada. He works as an engineer there. My brother Sinto has a son and a daughter, but I cannot remember their names, I know only that at this moment they live in Israel with their children.

I remember that my brother Sinto played a mouth the mouthorgan, and later - an accordion. My little brother Miko had inherited my father's talent and sang very well. I also played the violin when I was in high school. So, we made some merry concerts at home, in which everybody took part.

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