Milka Beniamin Revah and her grandchildren

This is my sister Milka Revah who plays the violin very well, helps her grandchildren (but I cannot remember the name of theirs) to learn to play it. The photo was made in 1986 in Tel Aviv.

I was born on 11th November 1924 in Samokov. My sister and my brothers are Milka Beniamin Revah, Sinto Beniamin Kohen and Miko Beniamin Kohen. We have always been best friends. The four of us were born in Samokov where we studied in the same school (there was no other high school). I remember that we all loved going to school and to the Sunday school. Besides, we always had a lot of books at home, on secular or religious topics. We, the children, loved reading aloud sitting together with our parents, which did not happen very often because my parents were very busy.

My sister Milka was the first to start learning to play the violin. She had private lessons, which also affected our family budget. In order to pay the teacher my mother prepared a large table cover, which she gave to her instead of money. My brother Sinto played a mouth the mouthorgan, and later - an accordion. My little brother Miko had inherited my father's talent and sang very well. I also played the violin when I was in high school. So, we made some merry concerts at home, in which everybody took part. Later on Milka became a social worker in Israel (she had a university education in Bulgaria) and now she has two lovely sons there. Milka married before she left [for Israel] - to Rofat Revah in 1940, who was from Plovdiv and I lived with them in Samokov for a while. In 1947 I married Avram Melamed. We met through a group of Jewish friends from Plovdiv. I was in Plovdiv visiting my sister who had just married Rofat Revah. Friends of his decided that I and Avram Melamed were perfect for each other and made everything possible to convince us in that. This was my first meeting with him.