The wedding of Beniamin Revah

The photo was taken when my sister's younger son married. The photo shows my mother Iafa Beniamin Kohen, with her grandson Beniamin Revah, the child of my sister Milka Revah as a bridegroom. This picture was taken in the 1970s in Tel Aviv.

My mother had primary education. She was born in Samokov and died in Tel Aviv, Israel. She was apolitical woman. I remember that my mummy never stood still, always doing something. At first my mother sowed clothes for my father's shop. My father often worked as a travelling salesman to the nearby villages so that his children would have enough food and clothes. My parents also insisted that we further our education. When my parents wanted to go for a walk, they asked us to draw or write something interesting, made up a variety of artistic activities, then they came back and pointed out our best works.

The mother of Beniamin Revah - my sister Milka, was born in 1921 in Samokov. She became a social worker in Israel (she had a university education in Bulgaria) and now she has two lovely sons. All I know about her family is that Milka married before she left - to Rofat Revah in 1940, who was from Plovdiv and I lived with them in Samokov for a while. They still live in Israel today and have a good family, children and grandchildren. They have two lovely boys: Izak Rofat Revah [born in 1942] and Beniamin Rofat Revah [born in 1947]. Currently Izak lives in Canada. He works as an engineer there.