Matilda Israel with her family in Bourgas

Matilda Israel with her family in Bourgas
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    Bulgaria, 1878-1944
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This photo was taken in Bourgas around 1933. From left to right: My brother Sabetay's wife Liza, their son Misho, me, my sister Sophie (nee Yulzari), my half-brother Haim Benaroya, Matilda - the daughter of my sister Buka (nee Yulzari), the maid, Leon - son of my brother Sabetay and his wife Liza. I remember that I was very unhappy, because I had a wonderful swimming suit, but we had guests - Buka with her daughter Matilda, who lived in Yambol and since I was older than Matilda and she was a guest, I had to give my suit to her, as she didn't have one. I was very sad because of that. I was in my underwear in this photo. During the holidays we often went to Bankya with Liza, the wife of my brother Sabetay. She went there to have her sick heart treated. I mostly loved the weekends when we went to Bourgas. We caught the train which passed through Karnobat at 6am and in an hour we were in Bourgas. It is a very nice town, where we used to go sunbathing. We spent the whole day there and we returned with the last train.

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Leontina Israel
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Matilda Israel
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Working in natural and technical sciences
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