Felicita Yulzari

This is Felicita (nee Yulzari), the daughter of my sister Ana, photographed in Karnobat in the 1920s. My father's first wife had passed away. I don?t know the exact cause, but I know that she had been bedridden for quite some time, because my sisters used to tell me how they did all the household chores then. From his first wife my father had six children - Sabetay, Jacques, Sophie, Buka, Ana, Albert. I guess the news that my father was about to have both a daughter and a granddaughter at the same time was a big scandal during those times, but it is a fact that Mati, the daughter of my sister Buka, was born almost at the same time that I was. My other niece, Viki, the daughter of my sister Ana is also about the same age as me, and some time after my birth the two sons of my brother Sabetay, Leon and Misho, were born. We all grew up together. In the beginning I was also not accepted very warmly by the family, but gradually they became attached to me and they could not stop hugging me. I am named after the first wife of my father. My sisters insisted on that and my mother did not mind.

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