Cartonnage workshop at the Novaky labor camp

Cartonnage workshop at the Novaky labor camp
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    Independent State of Slovakia 1938-45
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    Novaky concentration camp photo workshop
This photo is from the Novaky labor camp. The picture was taken between the years 1942 - 1944. It was taken by the Novaky concentration camp photo workshop. My brother arrived at the Novaky camp in 1942. As he was the son of a book printer, they assigned him to the cartonnage workshop, and it was in the cartonnage shop that an interesting incident took place. In 1943, after the Battle of Stalingrad, a delegation from the Ministry of the Interior came from Bratislava. The delegation was composed of members of the Ministry of the Interior, and the head of the delegation was named Pecuch. They probably came to sniff out what Jews thought about the solution to the Jewish question. Pecuch came up to my brother, and asked, 'What will happen to us after the war?' At that moment my brother was working on a machine that was processing cardboard. He didn't answer him, but drew a hammer and sickle on the cardboard. Pecuch asked him again, 'Well, and what will you do with us?' My brother answered him, 'You'll hang!' Well, that caused a big uproar in the camp, everyone thought that they'd grab my brother and hang him, but nothing happened. He had a tendency to act the hero. In that sense my brother became the hero of the Novaky camp. That was already in 1943, after Stalingrad. After the camp's liberation, he also joined a partisan unit, and returned home after the war. We weren't in the same unit, and didn't know anything about each other until after the war.

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Interviewee: Ota Gubic
Barbora Pokreis
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Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Ota Gubic
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after WW II:
Manual laborer
Family names
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    Otto Gubitsch
    Reason for changing: 
    Communist ideology
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