Jewish public school outing in Piestany

This is a photo of children from the Jewish school, in Piestany. The photo was taken in 1929. The man standing on the right is the school principal, Julius Ungvar, and his wife, who participated in all our trips. But I can't identify them all. Next in the row of those standing is Mr. Ungvar's youngest daughter, Sarika; I don't know her fate. I don't recognize the two women on the left. The boys standing: from the left, Janko Weisz, who died during World War II, beside him Lacko Mokry, one of the school's non-Jewish students, then Eugen, Eno Fischer - didn't survive the war. The boy with buttons on his coat is my brother Ervin, he survived the war but died in Prievidza in 1994. Beside him is Karol Handler, then Dezko Steiner, the tailor's son, and standing beside him am I, Ota Gubic. My brother and I are wearing identical coats. Beside me is another non-Jewish student of the Jewish school, and my friend, Vladko Kuhr, the forest warden's son. All the Kuhr kids attended the Jewish school, because Mr. Kuhr didn't want his children attend a Hlinka Catholic school. The girls sitting, bottom row, from left: Jarmila Reichmanova, beside her Paula - died in Auschwitz, beside her the younger Weis girl, I don't know her fate. Katka Kohnova, survived and married Palo Knöpffelmahler, and lived in Prague after the war. Beside her is Rota Rosenthalova, a big communist, died in Auschwitz, and Olga Weisova, died in Auschwitz. Second row, from the left: Weisova, I don't know her fate, beside her is Aliska Markova-Comrova, she survived the war in freedom by converting and marrying Comr. Another Weisova, whose fate I also don't know, and Edita Diamantova apparently lives in Israel.