Ota Gubic with his brother Ervin

This photograph shows me (on the left) and my brother Ervin Gubic on the location of the former Piaristicka Street in Prievidza. It was taken sometime in the 1960s. Ervin attended Jewish elementary school in Prievidza and high school in Banska Bystrica, where he also graduated. However at that time the Numerus Clausus was already more or less in effect, so he could no longer study. Ervin suffered very much because of this. I remember that in 1938, after the Munich pact he threw himself on the couch and began shouting, 'There won't be anything! There won't be anything! There won't be any school!' It was a huge shock to his psyche that he practically never recovered from. Even when after the war he could have studied, I also tried to convince him, he also came to Prague to see me. He could have gone to school, because I was making decent money and also had an apartment, where we could have put another bed, but he didn't have the strength any longer. For the rest of his life he made a living in all sorts of ways unsuited to his talent and intelligence. He for example worked as a gatekeeper at the Bojnice spa, and practically also a bouncer in restaurants. He got married, his wife was also Jewish. She had gone through Auschwitz. He had two daughters, Katka, who graduated from law. I think that she's already a judge in Prievidza, and his second daughter, Marika remained a worker. I think that she studied cooking.