Sara Schifeldrin's friends

Sara Schifeldrin's friends
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These girls are pupils of the first Jewish grammar school in Zamosc. They were friends of my sister Sara Schifeldrin, nee Weinryb, but Sara isn't in the picture. The photo was taken in the 1920s. In Zamosc the group of Reformists, among them my father, was active in the education cause. In 1921 they founded a Tarbut school in Zamosc, called 'Kadima', which means 'forward' in Hebrew. [This was a private Jewish school with state recognition.] It comprised four classes. The resources for its construction came partly from their own contributions and partly from money that they collected from the residents of Zamosc. The school itself was a single-story building. Later on a Jewish grammar school was also established in Zamosc, but my father wasn't involved in the construction of that one. Both schools were private Jewish schools with state recognition. I didn't study at the Jewish grammar school, but my brother Mojzesz and sister Sara did. She later studied pedagogy and worked in orphanages in Kobryn, later near Bydgoszcz, and after that somewhere near Lodz. She left for Palestine a little later, towards the end of the 1920s. Sara didn't get married until she moved to Palestine. Her husband was called Josif as well, Josif Schifeldrin - he came from Germany. They lived in a kibbutz, Kvuzat Shiller, near Rehovot. Sara was there for 70 years. In the kibbutz she worked taking care of children. They were quite successful, they had their own house with flowers all around it. At first everyone in the kibbutz worked in agriculture. Later they opened a rubber factory, which prospered fairly well. They manufactured goods for export and even sold some of their products to Arab countries, but without any indication of the country of origin, of course.

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Zuzana Solakiewicz
Warsaw, Poland


Sara Schifeldrin
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Kibbutz Kvuzat Shiller
after WW II
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