Jozef Sztang's departure for Palestine

This is the day of Jozef Sztang's departure for Palestine. He was the head of the Zionist group in Zamosc. The group came to say good bye to him. The photo was in my sisters? collection in Israel. I took this one and the other photos back to Poland after my sisters died. Unfortunately there is nobody I could identify on that photo. Israel? For centuries it has been the Jews' dream to return to Israel. Every year at Passover they wished each other: 'ba-shanah ha-baa be-Yerushalayim' [Hebrew: next year in Jerusalem]. For hundreds of years it wasn't possible - Turkey, the Arabs, the British protectorate [British Mandate]. I grew up in a Zionist family, and my parents also strove for the establishment of a Jewish state. My father even bought a little land in Israel from Keren Hayesod , albeit not in the best location. I thought about moving to Israel many times. There were always various obstacles, though, that prevented me from doing so. Before the war I wanted to finish school first and then I was called up into the army. Later on, when I was in Israel for the first time - in 1956 - I even had a job lined up. But here in Poland my wife had responsibilities - she had to care for her mother. .