Hashomer Hatzair group

This is a nest (in Hebrew: ken) of Hashomer Hatzair in Zamosc. The members of the group were pupils of the Jewish grammar school in Zamosc. Both of my sisters studied in this school and both were Zionists so I don't know which of them is on the photo - probably Sara Schifeldrin, nee Weinryb because Rywa Yavnai, nee Weinryb, only finished six classes of the school. The photo was taken in the 1920s. In Zamosc the group of Reformists, among them my father, was active in the education cause. In 1921 they founded a Tarbut school in Zamosc, called 'Kadima', 'forward' in Hebrew. [This was a private Jewish school with state recognition.] It comprised four classes. The resources for its construction came partly from their own contributions and partly from money that they collected from the residents of Zamosc. The school itself was a single-story building. Later, a Jewish grammar school was also established in Zamosc, but my father wasn't involved in that one. Both schools were private Jewish schools with state recognition. I didn't study at the Jewish grammar school, but my brother Mojzesz and sister Sara did. My two younger sisters, Sara and Rywa, had similar lives. They both emigrated to Palestine in the 1920s. They were members of Hashomer Hatzair. They did hakhsharah in Zamosc. There was an agronomist there who had both a vegetable garden and large orchards, and was educated in hakhsharah, and he taught the Hashomer how to work the land.