Mieczyslaw Weinryb's family

This is my family in Zamosc. In the first row on the left side are: my mother Chana Weinryb, nee Sztern, on the right my father Eliasz Weinryb and me in the center. In the second row standing are my two sisters, Margolia Weinryb and Sara Schifeldrin, nee Weinryb. I don't remember the exact year when the photo was taken, but it could have been approximately in 1925 because my other sister Rywa Yavnai, nee Weinryb and my brother Mojzesz Weinryb aren't in it. Rywa left Poland about 1925 and my elder brother Mojzesz died in 1924. The photo was taken by photographer Strzyzowski, who had a studio near our home. Our family was relatively well off; you couldn't say that we were rich, but we didn't go hungry. We lived in a town house and our apartment overlooked the town square. My father was a Zionist. He dressed according to the European fashion. He didn't wear sidelocks or a yarmulka. He always had a bristly beard. My father prayed at a shtibl [Yiddish for a small Hasidic prayer house] for Reformists like himself. He was very good to us, very gentle. Around the time that I came of age my mother stopped wearing a wig. That doesn't mean that she didn't light the candles on Fridays - that would have been inadmissible. Like my father, my mother was a Zionist. In fact it was very interesting to observe how everything was changing. My parents probably met through a matchmaker because my grandparents' families were Orthodox. Our household was already different, for instance in terms of marriage. Of course my parents advised my sisters what kind of husband to choose, but there was no longer any question of a shadkhan.