Zionists from Zamosc

This is a group of Zionists, cyclists from Zamosc. The photo was taken in Zawada at the railway station in Zawada in 1925. In Zamosc, there was only a local station. All the trains which were going from Warsaw in southern direction stopped in a small town called Zawada which was situated a few kilometers from our city. This was a very special day - the day when the head of the Zionist group in Zamosc - Jozef Sztang emigrated to Palestine. On the back of photo it says: ?With best wishes to our chairman Sztang?. The photo was survived in my sisters? photo collection in Israel. I took this one and the other photos back to Poland after my sisters died. There's nobody I can identify on the photo. My sisters, Sara and Rywa, aren't in it either. They probably kept this photo because there are friends of them on it. Both Sara and Rywa were Zionists. In Zamosc there were people of all different convictions, both Zionists and Bundists. There were communists, too. Wealthy people and the intelligentsia were usually Zionists. The communists had a lot of supporters among the poor. That was because they had effective propaganda. [The egalitarian ideal of communism naturally attracted the poor everywhere. It was not merely because of the successful propaganda.] They said that everyone would have work and be equal, and they didn't offend the Jews. And since I'm on the subject of bicycles, I should say that in Zamosc we had two Jewish cycle hire shops. Zamczer had these old clapped out things; he was a lot cheaper and that was where everybody who was just learning to ride hired bicycles. The other one, Pekler, was more expensive, but he had good bicycles. As a present for my bar mitzvah I was given some money to buy myself something. But I couldn't decide: a bicycle or a radio? I thought and thought, and the money was gradually frittered away on trifles and in the end I bought neither a radio nor a bicycle.