Yosif Sabitai with his brother and a friend

This is a photo of my father Yosif Sabitai (sitting in the middle) with his brother Avram on the right, and a friend of theirs. The photo was taken in Sofia in the 1910s. The clothes they are wearing are not army clothes, though they are wearing peak caps. My father is wearing gaiters (a piece of cloth, rolled up to the knee), which were a traditional extension of the shoes in the colder months. My father was born in Sofia in 1900. He grew up in the house built by his father at Pernik Street in the Jewish quarter. Initially he worked for a butchery, then he became a plumber and tinsmith. He became wealthier and built his own house. My father's brother Avram was the only one in my father's family who didn't live in his father's house with his brothers and sisters. He got married, has three children; the third one was born in Israel, where he emigrated with his family in the late 1940s.