Wedding photo of Rebecca Hristova

This is a photo of my sister Rebecca's wedding. She is with her husband Boris Hristov. On the right is my mother Sarina Sabitai. Next to her is my sister's bridesmaid, Karolina; then follow the bride and the groom, me and my younger sister Ziumbiula. The wedding took place in 1956 in Sofia. Rebecca was born in 1925. She worked as a dressmaker. She got married and had two children - Mariana and Mario, who are also married and have one child each. In 1986, unfortunately, she was run over by a police car and died. Ziumbiula was born in 1931 and graduated from the Medical University as a doctor. For a long time she worked as a doctor in Bulgaria, then went to Algeria where, at the same time, my brother was doing his specialization. He took both my mother and my sister to live with him. My sister lived there for some time; then she married a Belgian. Naturally she moved to Belgium where she spent ten years and gave birth to a girl. She separated from the Belgian and returned to Bulgaria. Now she is a pensioner. Her daughter had a good relationship with a young Belgian, whom she married, and now they live in Vienna. Currently [in 2002] my sister is staying with them, helping to look after their baby.