The wedding of Karmela Gabriel

The photo was taken at the wedding on 11th January 1970 in Tel Aviv of Karmela, daughter of the cousin of Luna, who is the second wife of my father, of Aron. Karmela is the bride, next to her - her husband Aron Gabriel, born in Egypt . The first from left to right is Bela Basan, mother of the bride, the old man next to her is my father of Aron. Next to the groom is Luna, the second wife of Aron Almalech. At Luna's other side is Ziva Basan (the younger daughter of the Basan family) and next to Ziva is her father Izako Basan.

Aron Gabriel was a very talanted architect, but he died very young of cancer. They were colleagues with Karmela.Their two children Yury and Gali inherted their parents' profession. Ziva lives in New York since her settling there 20 years ago with her husband Joe. His family, they are Jews from Iran, moved to the USA.

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