The wedding of Eshua Almaleh's cousin Iosif Almalech

This is the wedding of Iosif Almalech, a cousin of mine, in Tel Aviv in the 1960s. Next to the bride is Luna Almalech; next to Luna is my father Aron Almalech, next to Aron is his son-in-law Izidor Natan. Up on the right is my sister Roza Natan, next to Roza is Dof, husband of my cousin Sarah (next to him). The woman up behind the bride is the wife of my cousin Eshua, Tilda. The tall man next to her is Eshua, next to him on the left is his son Mondi. The first girl down on the left is their daughter Dorit. Iosif and Eshua are the sons of my uncle Mordu - my father's brother. My paternal grandfather, Eshua Avram Almalech, was born in the beginning of the 19th Century and was a relatively well-off merchant. He had four sons and two daughters. My father Aron Eshua Almalech was the youngest. He was born on 15th December 1885. My uncles - the eldest, Avram, the second - Solomon and the third - Mordu were all very easy-going and traveled a lot. Solomon married a French girl and settled in France, Mordu married a Jew from Sarajevo during one of his travels. His son Eshua left Bulgaria in the 1930s, while his other son Iosif left later - in 1948 like most of the Bulgarian Jews. But all the members of my family who immigrated to Israel continued to keep close relations among each other, like when they lived in Stara Zagora. Unfortunately my cousins died in the 1980s.

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