Bar mitzvah of Jecky Assa, son of Eshua Almalech's cousin Mati Assa

A photo of the bar mitzvah of Jecky Assa (the boy with the glasses) taken on 30th March 1968 in Tel Aviv. He is the son of my cousin Mati Assa (Behar), daughter of my uncle Solomon, brother of my mother Zelma. The cousin Mati is the woman standing, the man standing is her husband Berto Assa. The man first from left with the glasses is Izidor Natan, husband of my sister Roza, who is next to him. The old man next to Roza is my father - Aron Almalech, the old woman at Roza's other side is Aron's second wife Luna, the woman next to Luna is her cousin, Bela Basan, next to Bela is her husband Izako Basan. Both are very close friends of mine. My maternal grandmother was Bohora Behar, and her family name from her first husband was Ionatan. She married twice widowers, who had children from their previous marriages. I had a lot of aunts and uncles. From her first marriage my grandmother had a daughter Hana. Her second marriage was with my grandfather Michael Behar, who had one son Isak from his first marriage. Later Hana and Isak got married. So, my mother was a sister to them both. From her second marriage my grandmother gave birth to my mother, my aunt Marie and my uncles Mushon and Solomon. Their families moved to Israel and they have children and grandchildren. Now only Mati, Roza and Jecky are alive.

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