Eshua Almalech's cousin Sola Baruh on her first visit to Bulgaria after she left for Israel

Here I am with my cousin Sola Baruh who moved to Palestine in 1932 and took part in the construction of the Misselot kibbutz. When the photo was taken - in 1988 - she was visiting Bulgaria for the first time after she left. Naturally, she was very excited, because she saw many changes and she remembered her childhood. She liked most of all Bulgarian people, thinking that they are very polite and tolerant. On the photo she is with her daughter Yudit, who is the first on the right, and her granddaughter Anat. Sola is still alive. From her second marriage my grandmother gave birth to my mother, my aunt Marie and my uncles Mushon and Solomon. Their families moved to Israel and they have children and grandchildren. But the most interesting story is that of my aunt Marie. She became a widow during World War I and she had two little girls Sola and Ester. She didn't receive any news from her husband Haim Almor for a very long time. It was 20 years after the war ended that she was told that he had been killed and buried in the soldiers' cemetery in Skopje, where he probably died as a prisoner of war. But there was no evidence proving that. My cousins, Marie's daughters Sola and Ester moved to Palestine in 1932 and were among the founders of one of the kibbutzim, Misselot, and helped build modern Israel. Marie moved to Israel in 1948.

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