Eshua Almalech celebrates Purim in Israel

This photo was taken on Purim in Tel Aviv in 1964. I am on the left, next to me is Reni, the wife of my cousin Michael, who is next to her. [The son of Solomon, brother of my mother Zelma].

My maternal grandmother was Bohora Behar. She married twice and both times to widowers, who had children from their previous marriages. So I had a lot of aunts and uncles. From her first marriage my grandmother had a daughter Hana. Her second marriage was with my grandfather Michael Behar, who had one son Isak from his first marriage. Later Hana and Isak got married. So, my mother was a sister to them both. From her second marriage my grandmother gave birth to my mother, my aunt Marie and my uncles Mushon and Solomon. Their families moved to Israel and they have children and grandchildren.

When we were children my cousin Michael and I were very close. He was like a younger brother to me and I used to help him with the lessons quite often , because he prefered to play instead. The members of our big family were very close to each other and after they moved to Israel I missed them a lot. Now, in Israel they don't have the opporunity to be as close to each other as they used to be in the past. They meet mostly when I happen to be there. Times have changed, as well as we have.

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