Eshua Almalech on his visit to Masada

This is a photo of mine during my visit to Israel in 1971 when I visited Masada near the Dead Sea.

After the Israeli-Arab war in 1967 and the events in Czechoslovakia, my wife Nedyalka was fired from Sofia radio, where she worked as a journalist, because as they told her, she was married to a Jew and had a Jewish family name. During that time the director of the National Radio was the Jew Albert Cohen, a distinguished journalist and writer. He was also fired. I often traveled abroad as a sports journalist. I loved my job, but every time there was some possibility for promotion, they hinted to me, sometimes delicately, sometimes directly, that I was a Jew and this was impossible. I traveled very often to Israel. I know the country very well. Each trip showed me how the Israeli people made their country more and more beautiful. My problem is that I can't live abroad for a long time, yet I always feel concerned about the Israeli problems, as well as about my relatives' life there.

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