The wedding of Itsik and Libe-Leya Margolis

This is me and my wife Leibe-Leya Margolis. The photo was taken in Riga. I got married in 1961. With much effort I managed to get an apartment ? a room of 6.8 square meters plus kitchen of 2.5 meters. The courtyard was beautiful, green, with apple trees and a garden. There were even vegetable beds divided between the residents and I had one too, but we failed to grow anything there except for grass. My spouse's name is Libe-Leya Girshovna, Lyuba, maiden name Nagle. She worked with me at the same factory. She is from Ludza. She was born in 1936. My wife had no special education and finished a secondary school in Ludza. She was a young girl when her mother died. Her father Hirsh Nagle went with the children ? with Lyuba and her brother Yakov ? to live in Riga. She worked in different places. We had no chuppah at our wedding. We had only a civil wedding. We have no money and our wedding was really modest. I speak Russian with my wife, although she perfectly understands Yiddish.