Itsik Margolis with his wife Libe Leya Margolis and their relatives in the synagogue of Riga

This is my wife Libe Leya Margolis (second from left) and I with relatives from Israel. My wife's brother Yakov Nagle came from Israel in 1995 and we were photographed in the synagogue. His common-law wife from Israel is named Ita. I have not been to Israel. I was in America. My spouse was in Israel. Lyuba's brother resides in Israel now. He rings us up almost each day, worrying about my granddaughter Lenochka. We warned her that she shouldn't go and visit them. He lives in Gilo area, where fighting is going on all the time. We are worried. And he keeps inviting us - I'll come and take you there. His daughter and her family live in Israel, too.