Raisa Druk's wedding day

This is my daughter Raisa Druk with her husband Boris Druk on her wedding day. The photo was taken in Riga in 1983. I have one daughter, Raisa or Raya, born in 1963. She worked at a factory as a secretary and a typist. Then she worked in a cafe in a school. Now she isn?t working, she is a housewife. She got married in 1983. The wedding took place in Moskovskaya Street, where I worked. Later my daughter had a chuppah, too. The chuppah was set up separately from the synagogue, as was customary. In the Soviet Union Church was kept separate from the State. A wedding ceremony in the synagogue wasn?t recognized by civil Soviet law. Of course, there was a violin playing. At the chuppah we got even more drunk than we did at the wedding. I wasn?t a Communist, so I could drink as much as I like. Communists weren?t allowed to go to the synagogue, either. My daughter is like me, externally and in character. My granddaughter is also like me. They are dashing girls.