Itsik and Libe Margolis and friends in Ludza

This is a picture of me and my wife Libe with our friends. The photo was taken in Ludza in 1998. Each year, on the third Sunday in August, we go to Ludza, where the executed Jews are buried. I had a friend Arkady - Abram in Jewish - Kovnator, who always wrote the scripts to these memorable days. But he died recently. Who will organize now?! Graves in Ludza are maintained in decent condition. There are no unattended graves. There are many graves of those who died during the war, of whom Jews make up 70-80 percent. There is a monument in the city near the lake. And there is a monument in Pogulyanka too. They take very good care of the graves - better then anywhere! Financing? The administration gives something before the August event, but people look after the graves even without that. Schoolchildren also help. There are nine to ten Jews in Ludza.