Itsik Margolis with daughter Raisa Druk and father-in-law Hirshl Nagle

Here you can see me with my daughter Raisa Druk and my father-in-law Hirshl Nagle. The photo was taken in Riga in 1970. Lyuba's father's name was Hirshl Nagle. After the evacuation they returned to Ludza, and then moved from Ludza to Riga, in approximately 1946-1947. He was a very good grandfather. I have one daughter, Raisa or Raya, born in 1963. She worked at a factory as a secretary and a typist. Then she worked in a cafe in a school. Now she isn?t working, she is a housewife. She got married in 1983. The wedding took place in Moskovskaya Street, where I worked. Later my daughter had a chuppah, too. The chuppah was set up separately from the synagogue, as was customary. In the Soviet Union Church was kept separate from the State. A wedding ceremony in the synagogue wasn?t recognized by civil Soviet law. Of course, there was a violin playing. At the chuppah we got even more drunk than we did at the wedding. I wasn?t a Communist, so I could drink as much as I like. Communists weren?t allowed to go to the synagogue, either. My daughter is like me, externally and in character. My granddaughter is also like me. They are dashing girls.



Itsik Margolis