The ruins of the castle in Bodzentyn

The ruins of the castle in Bodzentyn

These are the ruins of  the castle in Bodzentyn. I took this photo during my trip to Bodzentyn after World War II,  in 1957. 

This castle was built from small stones and the mortar was made from the white of eggs. Sometimes I played there with my friends. We gathered there also during the school break, that's where the report cards were handed out at the end of each school year. We used to sing the national anthemn and Rota, the Polish patriotic song.

Near the castle was the Catholic church and Bozniczna Street, and on the left side there was a road to the river where people used to pick crabs. 

Under the castle was a cellar which led to a village called Tarczek. Older  people used to say that in that cellar there were weapons from World War I. I went there many times with a lamp, but I couldn’t see anything because the lamp would go out.  

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