Newspaper showing Jakub Bromberg’s son fighting in the Six-Day-War

Newspaper showing Jakub Bromberg’s son fighting in the Six-Day-War


This is a newspaper which was published after the victory of the Israelis in the Six-Day-War in 1967. I received it by mail from my son who fought in that war. The  photo of this article shows my son with his friends from the Israeli Army. 

When the first Israeli war broke out, when Jews won it within six days and conquered all those Arab countries, he fought in this war. He even sent me a Hebrew newspaper, I remember only the Polish version of the title, which was 'Szanuj jedyna pamiatke' - 'Respect Your Only Keepsake'. There were pictures of him at the front. I am still surprised that this newspaper ever made it to me. The relations between Poland and Israel were very bad at that time. Poles were friends with Arabs. I showed this newspaper at work. I showed it, because it was said that Jews shoot onions from a crooked barrel. That's what Poles thought: that Jews are cowards. 'Jojne karabin' [crooked barrel], that's how the saying used to go. I showed them: 'See, this is my son, these are the generals, General Dayan, here are the Arabs, you could see everyone there, and tanks too. 

So they, my best friends from work, they reported on me, saying that my son was beating up the poor Arabs in Israel, that I was a Zionist, that they didn't want a Jew - a Zionist to be working with them. I later found out who wrote this. And they didn't have the right to fire me. I never served time in jail, I had an excellent opinion, I was a veteran. In order for them to lay me off, the Minister for Veterans' Affairs would have needed to issue permission. And it would have needed to be some major offence for the minister to do so. And yet, they fired me. And they didn't explain this decision. They fired me without notice.

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