Gitla Pollak with her husband Harold Pollak


This is my cousin Gitla Pollak, nee Szafir,and her husband Harold Pollak. This photo was taken in the 1930s. I got the picture from Gitla and Harold from Canada. 

My father Josek Chaim Bromberg had a brother, Jankiel, a sister named Zelda and, I think, one more sister, but I can't recall that now. Jankiel lived in Bodzentyn. He was a tradesman, he supplied animals to the butcher shop ran by Josek, Mother's brother. He had a wife, but I didn't know her, because she had died earlier. He was raising his children alone. I went to the same grade with these cousins. I think he died shortly before the war. Aunt Zelda, after she married her name was Szafir, had five daughters. Two of them settled in Toronto, Canada - Bela Gewelc, that was the name of one of them, the second one was Gitla. And two settled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Dwojra Mekler and Dora Kerszberg. The fifth daughter, Sura Fajga, stayed in Poland, her husband was a shoemaker. She had five daughters and one son, Chil. Aunt Zelda died in Bodzentyn, while I was still living there. 




Jakub Bromberg

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