Jakub Bromberg with his son


This is me with my baby son going for a walk. The photo was taken in Lodz, near Narutowicza Street in 1947, but I don’t remember who took it. When Jozef was a small baby I liked taking him out for walks in the afternoons.  

My son was born on 13th July 1946. His weight at birth was three and a half kilograms. What a boy. He was born in a private clinic. The clinic was on 32 Glowna Street; the building isn't there anymore. I was insured, but I preferred for my wife to be comfortable. 

He was difficult to raise, disobedient. When he was growing up, he was eager to get in a fight. He didn't know what he was doing, he'd later apologize. He didn't take all of my genes. He's resourceful, talented, but he's got a difficult temperament. But I loved him so much. We slept in the same room. I was the one who bathed him, I washed his clothes, took him to all these theaters. When he was leaving for summer camp, I'd see him off. I took him to school on my bicycle. I picked him up from school. We used to ride on the motorcycle everywhere. I thought I had a genius at home. A talented, beautiful boy. 


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