Jakub Nojfeld-Grinfeld

Jakub Nojfeld-Grinfeld


This is my friend Jakub Nojfeld-Grinfeld photographed when he served in the Israeli army. I received this photo from him by mail. It was taken in Safed in the 1940s. Jakub went to Palestine, now Israel, after the war, but I don’t remember when exactly.

Before World War II I worked in Jakub Nojfeld-Grinfeld’s father’s workshop. One of my older brothers found me that place and I went to learn to sew on the overlock, as a knitter. I cut these thick knitwear materials that were later used to make women's underwear. I learned from the so-called marshal, who used to sing at Jewish weddings. His name was Ici Bucik. Bucik [Polish for 'little shoe'] was of course a pseudonym. His real last name was Nojfeld. He had this fat belly and a red beard. He took me in as an apprentice. I was supposed to learn for three years and I stayed for less than three months. I don't know why, but when Saturday came I took the keys to the workshop and I began taking the machines apart. I wanted to familiarize myself with this, because I got the knack for mechanics. I learned everything very quickly and I didn't have to study to be a knitter. I only got 50 grosze a week. 

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