Jakub Bromberg’s birth certificate


This is my birth certificate. This is a document which tells about my birth, when and where I was born, who my parents were, what name they gave me...

This is a duplicate which was issued after the war, in 1946. 

I was born in 1919, on 21st April, the day after Hitler's birthday. This was at home, in Bodzentyn. We were all born there, in the same beds we slept in. A midwife helped Mother during labor, a Pole, Kazubinski's wife. I was the fourth child. I split the younger and the older siblings. And I am the only one left. When I was three I went to cheder and these first years I spent at home. I remember when I was little, I used to run away from Mother, because I didn't like having my bath in a tub. I couldn't even walk yet, so I'd run away on all fours. I will never forget that. I remember even what shirt I used to wear - a flannel shirt with a pink flower pattern. I usually recall myself as being the one in the bad way. I wasn't allowed to go out and play. I had to stay at home and mind the younger brothers and sister. I had to sit next to the cradle and rock it. 



Jakub Bromberg

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