Rashel Anzhel

In this photo you can see Rashel Anzhel, my father's brother Yosif's daughter. The photo was taken in the 1930s in Sofia. Rashel was born in Aytos, afterwards she lived in Yambol and later she moved to Sofia. There she used to live on Bacho Kiro Street. She moved to Sofia because of her beloved, who was of Armenian origin, with the intention of marrying him but the parents of the Armenian were against the marriage because she wasn't Armenian. Her parents, on the other hand, gave her their approval to marry an Armenian. Thus in 1948 she left for Israel. My father died in 1932 and was buried in Sofia when I was eleven years old. I didn't attend the funeral. The ritual was conducted by my mother and her brothers. I remember that my mother spent seven days in Sofia. After that she came back to Yambol. After my father's death our family became very poor and we decided to move to Sofia. The capital was a quiet and peaceful town at that time; there wasn't much traffic and somehow you could feel safe. The children used to play in the streets untroubled. It wasn't possible for them to be run over by a car, for example. Later, our house in Yambol was sold, probably by my brothers. I don't have information about that. On several occasions, but much later, I visited Yambol with Rosa. I know that nothing has remained from the house, it doesn't exist any more. There are apartments in its place.