Leon Anzhel at a Purim party at the Jewish school

Purim holiday at the Jewish school in Yambol. I'm standing, in the second row - the second from left to right. For every holiday we convened to celebrate in the Jewish school. We used to dance and sometimes we put on costumes when we had to take part in some school plays. The photo was taken between 1927 and 1933 in Yambol. I can't remember the names of the children who are around me.

I received my elementary education at a Jewish school. We studied different subjects and Hebrew. I used to love Mathematics and Geography. I recall two of my teachers: Leo Cohen and Miss Rashel. After the fourth grade there came a commission from the Ministry of Education and they tested our knowledge. There was a sports organization as well called Maccabi and I was a member. I remember the exercises we did and the pyramids we built by stepping on each other's shoulders. I can't remember anything else.