Leon Anzhel as a happy grandfather

This is what I look like nowadays - as a happy grandfather and great-grandfather. The photo was taken in the Jewish Community Center in Sofia where I spend most of my time. There is the date on the back of the photo - November 2004. I'm in contact with the Jewish community all the time. We have been visiting it regularly for seven years and I keep on thinking that if it wasn't for the things these people have done, if it wasn't for the rehabilitation center, we wouldn't be among the living because there are only the two of us at home. This is boring and leads to quarrels over insignificant things. Our children don't live here and they are very busy, they go to work. It has never been such a desert in this house before in our entire life. There were always a lot of people and life was very intense around us. We were rather nervous. Our big walk was to go from here to the market place and come back. Well, we went to the synagogue on holidays. But it's a good thing that this rehabilitation centre was opened and we started going there. In the health club we exercise, we sing in the choir; we dance some national dances in the dance group. Life became more varied in general. And no matter what the weather is, it may be very cold or too hot, we are always there. And additionally, I got some financial compensation which greatly improved our way of living and I'm grateful for that.