Leon Anzhel with relatives

In the photo, in the first row, from left to right are: Matilda, my mother's sister, Roben, my mother's brother and Yafa, my mother. In the second row, from left to right standing, are: Naumi, my mother's sister, Rebecca, Roben's wife and I - Larry Anzhel, at the age of 13. The photo was probably taken in 1934 in a photo shop in Sofia. There isn't any inscription or stamp of the photo shop on the back. It was put in a frame and there is glass on top of it. The people who were closest to my mother were her sisters Matilda and Naumi. Matilda lived on 54 Stamboliiski Street and Naumi on Osogovo Street. Matilda was a young widow with two sons: Leon and Albert, and because of that she was forced to work as an insurance agent. Naumi worked as well: she had a stall in the marketplace, because her husband Isak Alkali was unable to work. He went deaf and blind too early. They had two children: Leon and Rebecca. Although my aunts were too busy working, they found the time to meet my mother every day. And, in general, they used to spend a lot of time together. My mother was a sociable woman, in due time she made some Bulgarian friends but continued meeting with her sisters every day. Sometimes she and her sisters, or her Bulgarian friends, would go for a cup of coffee in a confectionery and there they usually served the coffee with a glass of water. There was one such confectionery on Hristo Botev Street, on the corner with Stamboliiski Street. There's an office of Mobiltel Communication Company there now.