Leon Anzhel with his nieces on Vuzrazhdane Square

In this photo from right to left you can see me together with my two nieces, the grandchildren of Uncle Roben and Rebecca Moskona. I don't remember their names. We are on Vuzrazhdane Square in Sofia. Just opposite us there was a branch of the public transport company where they issued seasonal tickets. The year was 1935.

We moved house several times and, wherever we lived, near us were always my mother's brother Roben and his wife Rebecca. When we lived on Kiril i Metodii Street, they lived on Exarch Yosif Street; when we were on Pirotska, they came to live somewhere near us on Simeon Street and when we were on Bacho Kiro Street, they lived a block away on Tetevenska, nowadays called Budapeshta Street. Their financial situation was better than ours because their two sons, Hiskia and Sason, worked and their salaries were good. They often helped us with money.