Isak Anzhel's family

In the picture is my brother Isak's family. His wife Kler, his daughter Yafa and his son Zhak. On the back of he photo there is an inscription in ink: 'to Zhafa Anzhel's family as a souvenir. Sofia, 1940.' The signature is illegible but most probably this is Kler Anzhel's handwriting.

The back of the photo looks like a postcard. There is a stamp of a photo shop. The name is illegible but it is most probably Kolev photo shop on 20 Lege Street, Sofia.

I can say only few things about my brother because he, in fact, didn't live with our family. When I was born in Yambol, he was studying economics somewhere abroad. I don't know where exactly. After that he settled down in Sofia. He owned a deli shop and a winery. His financial situation was relatively good and during that period he used to help our family financially as well. He owned the company together with our brother Hiskia and one more partner. In 1948 his family left for Israel. I discontinued my relations with his family due to the political situation in Bulgaria.

In Israel he was a shop owner again. I don't have information when he died, or when his wife or children died; I only know that his son Zhak committed suicide.