Katarina Lofflerova at Trencianske Teplice tennis practice

This picture was taken in the second half of the 1920s in Trencsentyplice [Trencianske Teplice], unfortunately, I don't remember exactly when. They organized an international tennis competition, and sent me there. The young man on the left is the Czechoslovakian tennis champion, Kozeluh. In order from the right to left, of the two gentlemen, I don't know which - probably the heavier gentleman - was the director of the hotel in the background. I can be seen in the center. I started playing tennis in Maccabi when I was fourteen years old. I got along well with the others. In Bratislava, there was another tennis club, the LTK. It was a Slovak club. On the occasion of the summer dance party, we regularly invited members of the LTK, and they would invite us. They had a beautiful, elegant building, in which many kinds of events were held. So, Maccabi and LTK had an absolutely good sporting relationship. I played tennis and went for light athletics. I swam in the SK Bar Kochba but I had more friends that were not Jewish, than Jewish ones. I was a 'Czechoslovak' until the beginning of 1938. My social circle was always comfortable. Of course, there were a few mixed marriages, too. All the way up to 1939, it was such a natural thing. Naturally, the sadhen was at my friends house, sometimes, we would even look for, let's say, some girl who had a big dowry. But those who had the big dowry, wanted a groom who had some title, at least an engineer or doctorate degree, a lawyer or a doctor. There were a few of them, naturally, but not in my circle of friends, since the greater part of them weren't Jewish. Sports brought us together. It didn't matter if I competed for the Maccabi team, if there were a lot in the Slovak sport clubs, we mutually competed.