Katarina Lofflerova and acquaintances

In 1936, I had a summer vacation on the Italian Lido in Abbazia for two weeks. In the picture, I'm walking with some acquaintances on the city streets. I'm on the left. I have no idea what their names were, I only met them there. I don't know anymore, where they were from, Italy at that time was full of tourists. A person traveled somewhere, met some people, who knows seventy years later who is who. I'm sure I didn't know then, either.

I went on the trip by getting on a train in Bratislava, and in Venice I got off on the Lido. The train departed from Ligetfalu [today Petrzalka, one of Bratislava's biggest areas on the Danube], it went across Hungary and all the way to Venice. I stayed in a hotel which a travel agency here in Bratislava arranged for me. In those days, I wasn't making a lot of money, so I had to be careful. The prices were still reasonable for a little office worker like me. I traveled a lot to Italy, because we could afford it.