Julius Hahn with friends in Karlovy Vary

This is my grandfather on my mother's side, Julius Hahn (second from left), with friends in Karlovy Vary. The photo was taken in 1919. My grandfather was the manager of a store on Michalska Street in Bratislava. It was a well-known store, which belonged to the M. Neuman Clothing Company of Vienna. They opened a branch in Bratislava and my grandfather was the manager. At that time, most Bratislava citizens spoke German, Hungarian and, to be honest, not so much Slovak. My grandparents regularly went to the Karlovy Vary spa; they said, because the kosher food was very greasy and heavy. A week at Karlovy Vary was good for the digestion, as they used to say. They also went to Marianske Lazne in 1916.