Katarina Lofflerova and class mates

Katarina Lofflerova and class mates


This is me and my class mates in the 5th grade of gymnasium. The photo was taken in Bratislava in 1925.

Several years ago, I attended a reunion of all my former classmates. We met in Budapest. I went there with Doctor Ciky, who was a urologist in Bratislava. Another doctor joined us as well. When we arrived, I recognized hardly anybody. I was surprised to see so many old men. I never went to school with old men. But they didn't know who I was, either. They thought I was the wife of one of their classmates. I recalled only one person from Bratislava; he came from the Palugzay family. They had to leave. It is a well-known family, one daughter married a certain Vermes, Laci Vermes. I recognized him but he didn't recognize me. So I told him, 'You don't seem to know me. I'm Kata Vidor, don't you remember me?' And he said nothing, and I knew what he was thinking: She used to be such a cute girl, and now here is this ugly old woman. That, I'm afraid, is how life turns out. Only pictures remain.

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Katarina Lofflerova