Julia Foldesne Altman and Illes Merenyi

This is a picture of my mother Julia Foldesne Altman on the bank of the Danube in Budapest. The woman on the right is her good friend Mrs. Illes Merenyi. The photo must have been taken at the end of the 1930s. My mother's friend jumped off the roof of the building in which her family lived and died. It must have been something to do with jealousy, I think that her husband deceived her. Her husband was my father's colleague, he was also an auditor. And his wife was, if I remember correctly, a hospital nurse. They didn't have any children. My parents used to get together with them regularly. For example they were at my brother's bar mitzvah celebration. I?m not sure what my parents and their friends did when they met, they must have gone to dinner parties to each other's place. As far as I can remember they never played cards. The Merenyis are the only people I can remember in particular and also Sari Neumann who was my mother's colleague and they also went to university together. These were their closest friends.

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