Gyula Foldes and Eva Redei with friends

This photo was taken in our apartment in May 1993. The man on the right is Gyuri Szabados who died two years ago. He was an engineer. Next to him is Eva Redei, my wife, then Gyuri Karpati, a friend and his wife Eva and on the left that's me. This meal was made on my 60th birthday. My 60th birthday was coming up and Eva was trying to figure out what to give me and I told her, 'You know what. Have Eva Karpati paint a portrait of you.? Eva Karpati was Gyuri Karpati's first wife. She is a very good painter, she mostly does portraits. And we organized this little celebration to show her where we had put the painting. Gyuri Karpati was my classmate and later when his children were born, I was their doctor. He had a very sweet wife - the mother of these children, Gyuri's second wife - and she and my wife used to go to school together so they had known each other before. As we lived very close to each other, we used to meet quite often. Unfortunately, Zsuzsika, the wife, died young of cancer. Gyuri is a successful director and he is also a qualified dentist but he makes his living not as a dentist but as a director. He taught at the School of Dramatic and Cinematic Art in Budapest for a long time. Our friendship, just as my friendship with the others on my recent photos goes back 50-60 years.

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