Endre Foldes

This is my brother Endre Foldes, or Bandi as we used to call him, at the funfair in Budapest sometime in the late 1930s. Maybe I?m also on the photo, but I?m not quite sure. I guess some acquaintance saw us and took this photo and then gave it to my mother or someone. This man in the bowler hat is a barker or something - at the funfair you have these barkers and clowns. I used to go to the funfair as a child. It was great fun. There was the merry-go-round and the enchanted castle and there was a barker in front of it and we used to listen to him. Our nursemaid Ilonka loved the funfair and she always took us there or to the zoo. At the funfair you didn't have to pay an entry fee, this was so special about it. If you just went in to look around, it was free, you only had to pay if you wanted to go into the enchanted castle or to the dodgems.

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