Julia Foldesne Altman and Giza Altman

This is in Versailles, France, in front of the royal palace. My mother, Julia Foldesne Altman, is the ninth from the right and the woman next to her in a shawl is her sister, Giza Altman. My mother had never been to Paris and when aunt Giza returned from there to Hungary in 1950, it was, of course, out of the question to travel. This trip they took must have been sometimes in the 1960s, in 1965-66 when they wanted to go to Paris so that my mother could see it as well. It was not some package tour, they just got on the train and off they went. We had three relatives on my father's side in Paris, the Friedmans who had helped Giza and my brother Bandi when they left Hungary in 1946. The three cousins had gone to France in 1929. They hid during the war, Joska was hidden by a Christian woman, whom he then married. She was a very nice woman. She's still alive, but she must be very old now. I remember Uncle Miklos, and Uncle Imre was a communist. After the war Joska, the youngest, drove a taxi in Paris; Uncle Miklos retired, I think. Uncle Imre was originally a fancy-leather goods maker, then became a partisan, and as he took a very active part in things, he was given a medal, which he won for his part in the battle for the liberation of Paris.

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