Harry Fink at a youth home

Harry Fink at a youth home
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    Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989
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    Czech Republic
I'm the forth on the right beside the boy sitting in the middle. The picture was probably taken in 1948 in Jachymov at the youth home. When I returned from the camps, I had no one, so I got my pick of where to go. From the time I was small I had loved skiing and at the home in Jachymov that was a possibility, so that's why I picked that children's home. I was cared for by the state and by the county social welfare institution. First they put us into a children's home in Vlasta, in Jachymov. There, there were mainly boys whose parents had fallen during the Prague Insurrection. After I finished my compulsory schooling I had to go to another youth home, because I was no longer a child attending school, and so I moved to a youth home, and there I studied to be an electrician. In Vlasta I was the only Jewish boy, but then, when I moved to the youth home, there were older boys there, Jews, who were from Ruthenia and who had remained here. There were about four of them. In 1948 they then moved to Israel. In 1948 I started working at the Jachymov mines, but I wanted to live in Carlsbad. In Carlsbad the Jachymov mines had a huge number of spa buildings, where they put up their employees. Then they transferred me to Horni Slavkov, where they later gave me an apartment.

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Interviewee: Harry Fink
Barbora Pokreis
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Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Harry Fink
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Manual laborer

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