Harry Fink at installations in Germany

In this picture you can see me relaxing after work. The photo was taken in the 1960s, when I used to travel to installations in Germany. I don't know where exactly the photograph was taken. I met my second wife, Hannelore, in Germany, when I used to go visit installation sites there. Our wedding was in Horni Slavkov. In Slavkov I was living in a small apartment, and because my wife said that she wouldn't live in such a hole - that apartment really was tiny - I took a job with a construction firm under the condition that they give me a three-room apartment in Ostrov. And as soon as they finished the prefab apartments in Carlsbad, we exchanged our huge apartment in Ostrov for our present one here in Carlsbad. An apartment in Carslbad suited us, and them the one in Ostrov, so everyone was happy.