Hynek Fink and Jenny Scharpnerova with relatives

In this picture you can see my grandparents. The first on the left is my aunt Marta Finkova. Sitting beside her is my grandpa Hynek Fink and my maternal grandma Jenny Scharpnerova, nee Fischlova. I don't know who that other lady could be. The photo was taken in 1933, but I don?t know where. I don't remember my paternal grandfather; he died when I was two. I only remember that always when we went to visit, I would bring him a box of pipe tobacco. In his youth my grandfather had been a farmer, so it's obvious how they made a living. They lived in Bernatice, and later, when he retired, they moved to Prague. Three of his sons and one daughter were already living in Prague, so they moved. They lived in the neighborhood of Nusle in an apartment building. From the whole apartment I only remember the front hall, because that's where all of my grandfather's pipes used to hang. Aunt Marta Finkova never married, she stayed an old maid, she was a bit off her rocker. She never worked, my grandparents supported her. My grandpa died in the year 1933, at that time he was definitely over 80 years old. While my grandfather was alive, we used to go visit them about once a month. After he died we didn't go visit my grandmother as often, because they lived further away, in the Strasnice area of Prague, and those were the ends of the earth. We used to go there quite a bit less often. I used to stay with my maternal grandparents during summer holidays, because they lived in Hermanov Mestec and that's only a hundred kilometers from Prague. I knew my grandfather, Leopold Scharpner, as already a very old man. Grandpa was a shoemaker. My grandma was of course a housewife. They probably lived well, because they had a multi-story house built on the main square. They lived on the first floor, where they had four rooms, and the rooms downstairs were rented out. Plus in the back there was a general store, so they must have lived well.